The RSU24 Board of Directors also serve on the following committees:

Educational Programming- Members are Andrea St. George Jones, Keith Goldfarb, Janet Wilpan, Jeffrey Alley, Julia Sheehan
Facilities and Transportation- Members are Janet Wilpan, Jen Des Jardin, Mercy Hardison, Roy Gott
Finance and Budget- Members are Keith Goldfarb, Julia Sheehan, Mercy Hardison, Susan Dickson-Smith

Personnel- Members are Jeffrey Alley, Jennifer Des Jardin, Mercy Hardison, Roy Gott
Policy - Members are Andrea St. George Jones, Susan Dickson-Smith, Janet Wilpan, Jennifer DesJardin
These committees meet publicly once monthly.  The schedule for these meetings can be reviewed on the Upcoming Events calendar on the RSU website. 

Minutes from past committee meetings can be found by clicking on the drop down menu to your right, and updates from each committee meeting can be found in Board minutes.
Drop Out Prevention -  Janet Wilpan
IT Planning - Roy Gott
HCTC District Advisory -  Julia Sheehan
MSBA Delegate - Roy Gott
MSBA Alternate - Jennifer Des Jardin
Ad Hoc Committees as needed