The food service operation is its own entity housed within RSU 24. Our district's membership in Dirigo Alliance, a regional buying group, allows us to purchase in volume at a cost that provides savings that we would not realize on our own.
Each building is staffed with a Kitchen Manager, who serves as head cook, manages the day to day operation of their school and supervises their assistant.. You may reach the Kitchen Manager by calling the school and asking for the kitchen. Please be aware that meal times are the busiest times. 
The kitchen staff meets monthly to stay up-to-date with changes, receive training, review products and support each other collaboratively.
A primary goal of our department is to produce healthier foods for our students to help combat the national problem of child obesity and additionally, to help educate our students about healthy, life-long nutrition. We have a school-board-supported Wellness policy. We are committed to serving our students fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals, milk with less fat, less sugar and salt.  We avoid any unnatural dyes, use reduced fat salad dressings and condiments and use whole muscle chicken products.  Breaded coatings are all whole grain.  We buy American raised, fished and produced food whenever possible.
We are seeking more local, farm-raised products and increased collaboration of student, family and community to obtain this goal. We encourage you to join us in this journey and welcome you to jump in anytime!