Friends of Sumner's Future Fundraising Campaign

Exterior Rendering

A committee of your friends and neighbors who are committed to ensuring that the new RSU 24 grade 6-12 school will provide 

a state of the art, 21st century learning environment that will help our students be successful for decades to come


Friends of Sumner’s Future is a community group organized to support the construction of our new school.  We know that students best succeed when we invest in them.  To that end, we will work diligently to seek private funding to ensure that our students and faculty are afforded a state of the art facility with the most up to date technology, programming, equipment and supplies so that we have a school to be proud of with academic results which keep our students competitive.  These improved facilities will result in long term benefits to our community and its residents.

DONORS: Charles & Karen Sumner - Falmouth, Sorrento Dental Associates - Sorrento, Kennedy Marine Engineering - Steuben, Winter Harbor Lobster Coop - Winter Harbor, Larry & Michelle Smith on behalf of the Jellison Family - Winter Harbor, Sumner High School Sports Boosters, Charles & Rose Arnett - Winter Harbor, In Memory of Cindy Marshall from Maya Myers - Charlotte NC, Sierra Signs & Designs - Hancock, Jeffrey and Cynthia Alley - Winter Harbor, Lighthouse Lobster Co. - Winter Harbor, Viking Lumber - Belfast, CC Electric - Hermon, Kyes Insurance - Farmington, Maine Paper & Janitorial Products - Bangor, W.C. Cressey & Son - Kennebunk, Christopher Davis - Sorrento, Barbara Bowen - Birch Harbor, Alison Johnson - Birch Harbor, Sorrento Sullivan Rec Center - Sorrento, Bar Harbor Savings & Loan - Bar Harbor, Betsy and Roger Wakefield - Sullivan, Lea and Roger Lane and The Lane Family Graduates - Franklin, Cathy Lewis and Dennis Harmon - Franklin, Jeffrey D. Alley - Winter Harbor, Vicki Rea and Josh Edgerly - Birch Harbor, Jesse Salisbury & Kazumi Hoshino - Steuben, Johanna M. Smith - Winter Harbor, William Van Horn - Winter Harbor, James & Laurie Richards - Gouldsboro, Almer & Linda Dinsmore - Trenton, Donna Merkel - Gouldsboro, Susan Bruce & Frederick Hauck - Falmouth, Jim and Thoma Watson - Gouldsboro, David & Janice Myrick - Gouldsboro, Wayne & Deborah Martin - Winter Harbor, Sarah Hooper - Prospect Harbor, Marian & Andreas Ide - Natick, MA, Chris & Rachel Nelson - Winter Harbor, Maine Savings - Hampden, In Honor of Vernon Campbell by Sumner Pathways Program - Sumner, Diane Demmons - Gouldsboro, Glenn & Megan Moshier - Winter Harbor, Craig & Katharyn Wayman - Prospect Harbor, Joseph Huber - Steuben, Dick & Cindy Fisher - Prospect Harbor, Kerry W. Crowley, MD - Ellsworth, Ilene Stinson - Prospect Harbor, Donald Peterson - Apex, NC, Tim & Liza Fisher - Prospect Harbor, Jan West-Rossi - Milbridge, Eric Lister, MD - Prospect Harbor, Marilyn & David Ellwood - Winter Harbor, Bruce & Sally Leighton - Milbridge, Eric Herlan - Kittery, Mac & Margaret Marshall - Montgomery, TX, Ted & Suzanne Murphy - N. Smithfield, RI, Kent & Lynell Syler, Murfreesboro, TN, Vern & Beverly Campbell, Sullivan, Susan Burke & Bill Leonardi - Prospect Harbor, Roy Palmer - Steuben, Alita W. Reed - Hope Sound, FL, Dawn Doughty - Sullivan, Roy Gott - Franklin, Valerie & Michael Reilly - Yuba City, CA, In Memory of Enid A. Sumner, Jane T. Sumner and Suzanne S. Bridges, Stephanie & Peter McKenzie II - Winter Harbor, John Sanford Kemper & Anne Gavin - Silver Spring, MD, Steven & Penelope Sargent - Brewer, Kathryn Mahar - East Machias, Catherine Fonda - Addison Bruce & Sally Leighton - Milbridge, Lawrence & Betsy Emerson - Ellsworth, ME Interscholastic Athletic Dir Assn - Gorham, Walter & Linda Yaroch - Mount Dora, FL, Edward Stanhope - Auburn, Dewey & Linda Martin - Hampden, IAABO III - East Millinocket, David & Mary Seward - Gouldsboro, Roberta Parritt - Winter Harbor, Lucille & Paul Hodgkins - Lamoine, Dudbridge & Rosa Taylor - Sorrento, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust - Ellsworth, Truth Whitten - Winter Harbor, Emery Debeck - Franklin, Ilene Stinson - Prospect Harbor, Veronica & Edwin Palmer - Franklin, Clinton & Eleanor Ritchie - Sullivan, Bruce & Cindy Crowley - Corea, Sherry Blais, Sullivan, Ashleigh & John Merchant, III - Marietta, GA, Enid Neleski - Lamoine, Winter Harbor Agency/Paul Tracy - Gouldsboro, Ben & Anne McIntosh - Monmouth, IL, Lea & Roger Lane - Franklin, Alvin & Ramona Dyer - Gouldsboro, First National Bank, Maine Community Foundation - Ellsworth, Joshua & Stephanie Fisher - Colorado, Pearl Barto & Roger Barto - Winter Harbor, Michael & Lucinda Sargent - Sullivan, Madeline H. Hamersley - Sorrento, Andrea Pelletier - Bangor, Harvey & Dianne Kelley - Sullivan, DC Air & Seafood Inc - Winter Harbor, JE Tracey & Son - Prospect Harbor, David & Janice Myrick - Gouldsboro, Lighthouse Lobster Co.-Winter Harbor, Jeffrey D. Alley - Winter Harbor, Almer & Linda Dinsmore - Trenton, Roger & Lea Lane - Franklin, Joanne & Rick Brown - Winter Harbor, Sylvia Joy - Birch Harbor, James Nichols - Bangor, Beth Clark - Sorrento, Susan Bagley - Gouldsboro, Phil & Kathy Grant - Birch Harbor, Larry & Lois Libby - Lamoine, Cindy & Dick Fisher - Prospect Harbor, Steve & Eve Wilkinson - Gouldsboro, Dave & Mary Seward - Gouldsboro, Stephen & Louisa Mygatt - Wayne, PA, Kendra Nasy - Wilmington, DE, Craig & Kathryn Wayman - Prospect Harbor, Dan & Brenda Bierman - Sorrento, Alison & Kevin Bunch - Gouldsboro, Susan Mackay Luther - West Point, NY, Bob Dewey & Pam Van Arsdale - Bedford, NH, Janis & Walter Guyette - Gouldsboro, Jim & Thoma Watson - Gouldsboro, Power Gripps USA Inc - Sorrento, Dogwood Veterinary Services, PLLC - Sullivan, Eastern Events, INC - Wallace Events - Ellsworth, Eric Herlan - Kittery, Marian Ide - Natick, MA, In Memory of Mrs. Lorena Kelly, Algebra Teacher, Joseph Huber & Sheila Unvala, Steuben - Webb Heidinger, Portsmouth, NH - Tim & Liza Fisher, Prospect Harbor - Nancy Hill, Prospect Harbor - Melvin & GayLynn Jackson - Corea, John & Rona Gandy, Blue Hill,
You can support the project by donating in either of the two ways below: